Friday , September 22 2017
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Thanks for landing on the About page. I am glad that you took the interest in knowing about Microzone Plus.  

About Microzone Plus:

Microzone plus is basically a technology blog, for tech geeks and tech lovers. Here, we ensure current technology updates related to computers, Android phones, IOS, New gadgets, new launches, reviews and everything which interests technology lovers.

Furthermore, we also try to cover all the computer-related tips and tricks. By visiting our blog on regular basis, you can keep yourself updated with technology.


About the founder of Microzone Plus:

The founder of MZ+ (we call  abbreviation of microzone plus as MZ+) is Sonam. She is  an IT engineer by education and blogger by hobby. She is an all time learner and technology lover, who loves to read and write about technology.


Contact Info of Microzone Plus:

You can contact us by filling the form here

Or you can also contact us via our social profiles.

Keep visiting our blog and contact us without even giving a second thought. We are just a click away. Thanks! 🙂




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